Privacy policy

Likhitham (hereinafter "we", "our") is an online place where you get Malayalam short stories written by amateur writers to read. This document describes how we collect different data, process them and kept in our website to know the privacy policy we apply in site. You need to read this document along with our Terms of service document and agree it to use our website

We are handling data from different parties falling under major 3 categories: (1) Readers, (2) Authors/Writers and (3) Our partner websites or companies.

(1) Readers

Readers are those people who opens any of our web page in their web browser using any electronic device. We may place or collect cookie information or create equivalent session data in our server in order to identify the reader's browser.

The story page may contain other details, apart from stories and comments, such as the advertisement sections of our partner websites or companies. Such advertisement sections also may access your browser details or may place their own cookies in your browser.

Readers can enter any comments to any of the stories published in our website after logging into our website using social media plugins such as Facebook, Google etc. The logging window is generated by the third party social media companies mentioned earlier so we are not able to detect reader's password and plugins share the readers other profile information like full name, email address (mostly readers can control it), profile image, etc. Readers must read, understand and agree to the Privacy policy and Terms of service of those social media websites and we are handling and keeping the details about you that mentioned above in our website. We keep the reader's comment data that the reader entered in any of the story pages. We have the right to modify, delete such comments or publish in our story pages.

Any body who are using our website do not have the right to copy any part or whole content of any story without a written permission of the writer of the story.

(2) Authors

Authors or writers are those people who send us their own short stories to or from their email address to publish it in our website after reading and agreeing with this Privacy policy and Terms of service. We accept the profile details (content text about the author), contact address, contact phone number and profile image from each author. The profile details are being published in authors profile page in order to achieve the intention of our website (ie., to give exposure for authors to public). The profile image is not a mandatory data we are asking from authors but we publish it if they send it from their verified email address. The contact address and phone details will be kept confidential in our website to protect the privacy of authors. Upon request these details also can be published on their profile page.

Other social media websites can be used to share or post the page URLs of our stories or profile pages of any authors. We do not have any responsibility on privacy policy or terms of use of such websites.

(3) Partner websites

We will have the right to publish the advertisement sections of our partner websites in any of the story or other pages. The readers will be redirected to the third party websites upon clicking on these advertising and those websites may have their own privacy policies and terms of use and we do not have any responsibility or liability upon those policies.

The story and the author's profile page can be shared to any of third party websites such as social media websites and we do not have any responsibility towards their privacy policies or terms of use.

(4) Policy towards children

We do not encourage, target or expect readers or authors younger than 18 years old. We advice that parents have to take an attention to their children on use of internet in any type of devices. If any child have any type of negative impact that caused by the content appeared in our website, the parents of that child will be responsible for that and we do not have any liability on it.

(5) Policy on privacy policy

We have the right to change this Privacy policy at any time.