Terms of service

Likhitham (hereinafter "we" or "us") is a website where readers get Malayalam short stories of various categories written by amateur and new story writers. It is organized by a group of amateur short story writers to give opportunity to new and other writers who have not published their story anywhere yet. Other story writers also can publish their story in Likhitham to motivate new writers. This service is free of cost for writers and readers. We have a group of terms of service that every person who use or visit our website must read and agree. If you are not willing to agree to these terms of service you please do not use our website.

Writers and short stories

Our major data is Malayalam short stories written by various writers/authors. We are providing a web page for those stories and we are not responsible for content of the story. We request to the writers who write short stories to publish in Likhitham (hereinafter "writers", "writer", "authors" or "author"), to write their own stories that should not be a copy entirely or partially of another literal forms already published in another website, blog or books in any language. If any writer tries to publish such stories in Likhitham, which violates the copy right of other professional or amateur writers, as we do not follow any verification procedure to detect these violations and so the complete responsibility for the further consequence goes to the writer and we do not have any responsibility or liability on the issues.

To become a verified writer with Likhitham, the writer have to be registered with a specific email address with us. If a person wants to be a verified writer of Likhitham and to publish his/her story in Likhitham he/she can send a request with or without their first story to admin@likhitham.com or likhithamwebsite@gmail.com. We will send a verification email to the specified email address. The writer has to follow the instructions, read and agree with this Terms of service and our Privacy policy. If the person is not willing to agree to the privacy policy and terms of service he/she can not become a writer in Likhitham and will not be able to publish his/her story in Likhitham. If you are a new writer and wish to publish your writings in Likhitham you may read the step by step instructions on our Publish my story page.

If a writer's story makes a social issue or hurts other people or caste or religion the absolute responsibility goes to the writer and we do not have liability or responsibility on such issues.

The story will be the part of total content in a story page and we have right to accommodate other data in all story pages. Other data in story page may include information of our website, list of other stories or statistics of stories, links to other stories or filtering options, comments to the story, log in, "like" and share options to social media websites or advertisement of our partner websites or companies and links to other third party websites.

We are not selling any type of products or services using this website. The writers are sending us their stories on their own will as part of their hobby or amateur activity and Likhitham will not pay them any remuneration in any form. However in future the organization may plan to give gifts in any form to support the writers on their talents and it will not be the writer’s privilege and writers may not have the right to argue or make issues regarding such gifts or plans.


Apart from the intention on encouraging new writers we absolutely targeting new generation support them in their reading habits and existing readers to give variety of short stories written by amateur story writers. Also readers can become a writer in easy steps that described in Publish my story page.

As a reader of Likhitham you must agree with this terms of service mentioned in this page and our Privacy policy.

You will have a log in option in story pages in order to give comments on stories and to identify you as a user. This log in option is not implemented using our native codes, but with some third party social media plug ins such as Facebook and Google. These third party functionality may access your browser's cookies and make their own session in their servers. So you must read, understand agree with the privacy policy and terms of use of those third party websites. We do not have any responsibility and liability on their terms of use and privacy policy.

We keep your basic profile details including profile picture (and third party website do not give us your password) to identify you as our user. After logging in to Likhitham you will be able to comment on any short story published here. But just after entering your comment immediately the comment will not be published. This is because our major target is to give exposure to new writers and some of the reader's comments may discourage them even at their first story. So our editors will verify your comment before it is being published.

The administrator of Likhitham has the right to modify or delete a reader's comments. If a reader is not willing to agree with this terms the reader is not expected to comment on any of stories. The reader has to agree with that we have a right to block a user from entering new comments if the administrator feel that the specific reader had misused the commenting functionality. Commenting misuses includes the activity such as unnecessary commenting on a specific story multiple times or purposeful negative comments in order to demotivate our writers.

Nobody, who are using our website, have the right to copy any part or whole content of any story without a written permission of the writer of the story.

We are not targeting the readers or writers under the age of 18 years. Still they can use our service under the supervision of their parents, else please do not use our website.

We have the right to change this Terms of service at any time and we request all readers and writers to keep in touch with this page and its updates.

If you have any query about this terms of service please send email to admin@likhitham.com or likhithamwebsite@gmail.com.